Think outside the basket for Easter

rabbit-ears-appear-from-the-magic-tophatWhen preparing an Easter basket consider some alternatives instead of filling the basket entirely with chocolate bunnies, jellybeans and peeps.

The following are alternatives to put in the basket besides the traditional candy…
• sidewalk chalk, playing cards, action figures, stickers, activity kits, and books
• art supplies or a project such as a festive origami kit
• jump ropes, and flying discs
• puzzles, flash cards or play dough


For toddlers consider:
• Loading the basket up with tub toys
• Use a tub toy net to wrap the basket up instead of cellophane.
• Bubbles for the tub

Themed alternatives for baskets are a great idea as well. If you have a child or grandchild interested in magic consider a themed Magic Easter “basket”.  Take a magician’s top hat and use as the basket. Use wadded up play money or magic scarves for filler along with magic tricks.
• Small gag gifts
• Science experiments
• Scrap booking basket filled with a pair of fancy edged scissors, a one time use camera, an acid free album or journal, Easter themed stickers and cutouts, page kits, adhesives, a few die cuts and rubber stamps.

For teenagers, the following make great alternatives for the basket:
• Their favorite movie in DVD or a CD of their favorite artist
• Gift card
• Gas card (for the new driver)
• Movie tickets
• Be specific to your teens’ interests
• Money
• Ebooks

Instead of using a traditional basket, the following are ideas in place of a basket:

Double use Easter basket ideas:

Baseball cap
Dump truck
Dress-up hat – fireman; army; hard hat, etc.
Doll stroller
Shopping cart
Pillow case (personalized)
Sand pails
Beach bag
Sports duffel bag
Batters bag
Flower pot
Make-up container
Decorated paint can
Storage containers
Back pack
Fishing tackle box
Jewelry box

Other foods to consider for the basket:

• Dried fruit and nuts
• Popcorn
• Jell-O Eggs
• Fruit roll ups
• Granola bars
• Fresh fruit (oranges, bananas, apples)

Consider starting a new tradition by offering healthier alternatives and by thinking outside the “basket”.

Happy Easter!



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