About Lisa

Lisa Musician is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian born and raised in Pennsylvania, now residing in Florida with expertise in the area of food allergies.  She is the Founder and President of Food Allergy Dietitian, Inc. bringing together professional and personal experience in bridging the gap for the newly diagnosed and those in need of further support to manage food allergies.  Helping you to live a safe and healthy life while avoiding the food allergen(s) and potential life-threatening reaction with peace of mind.

Lisa has over 17 years of work experience with board certified allergists and a lifetime of personal experience in the world of food allergies.  She completed her undergraduate studies at Cedar Crest College and internship at the University of Delaware. She is a member of several national and state organizations and holds several certifications of training as a Food Allergy Specialist. She speaks professionally to organizations, schools and support groups about the management of food allergies and increasing optimal health.  She is the author of Parenting a Positive Reaction – A parent’s guide to help promote safe care at school for your food allergy child.  Lisa is the mother of two adult children with multiple food allergies and a history of anaphylaxis which inspired her to learn and understand the management of food allergies.