Consulting Services

Helping Parents Navigate Food Allergy Safety at School

One-quarter of children with food allergies can have a peanut and tree nut reaction at school for the first time. Class project using food or food brought into the classroom for celebration are common causes of reaction.  Foods from a friend, especially candy and dessert, pose the greatest risk of a reaction.

If your child going to school for the first time or attending a new school, a food allergy action plan is a must.  Perhaps college is in the near future, and eating meals away from home is stressing you out.

Your child’s needs might be best served by a 504 plan.  Do you know the difference between an Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP) and 504 Plan?

Our services offer alternative solutions for a safer environment to parents/guardians of food allergic children. Food Allergy Dietitian, Inc., will assist and guide you in working collaboratively with your school personnel to develop a food allergy management plan.

If the school is lacking a foundation for a food allergy management plan, we will help you develop an Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP) or a 504 Plan and Emergency Action Plan with the following goals:

1.    Minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
2.    Help you educate school personnel to recognize the symptoms of an allergic reaction.
3.    Support you in how to train staff to be competent to administer emergency procedure in accordance with the student’s emergency treatment plan
4.    Facilitate an understanding of 504 Plans versus IHPs and their respective values.

Physicians with Newly Diagnosed Patients

Give your newly diagnosed patients and those needing further support the best in food allergy counseling and guidance on how to manage their food allergies safely.  I bridge the gap between diagnosis and the next step. After diagnosis, many patients have so many questions and no direction on what to do after they leave your office.  While there are many resources to give your patients, nothing can replace a direct resource who understands first hand the diagnostic aspect of food allergies professionally and personally. I will help find safe and healthy food choices while showing your patients that a normal life with food allergies exists.  A detailed report is completed for each patient, so you stay informed on their progress.

While several insurance companies include food allergies on their list of options, I currently do not accept insurance.  Call: 1.888.609.6464 or email:   or simply direct them to  to set up their initial assessment.

Available through online counseling offering the perfect solution for busy schedules to receive information quickly and accurately.  This provides all the same benefits of in-person counseling with the convenience to fit your schedule either through computer (Skype or email) or phone.