Parenting a Positive Reaction

A parent’s guide to help promote safe care at school for your food allergy child



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Description of the Book

Food allergy is a growing issue that impacts almost every school across the United States with nearly 6 million children having a food allergy, this equates to roughly 2 in every classroom. Add the fact that your child has a food allergy and could potentially develop into a life-threatening reaction while at school, makes this duty of sending your child to school even more challenging. How do you manage this safely and successfully at school?

The main issues that need to be addressed to help keep children safe while at school are: inadequate food allergy management plans and poor recognition of allergic symptoms along with subsequent failure to treat immediately with epinephrine.

Parenting a Positive Reaction offers step-by-step guidance to successfully partner with the school by learning how to ask the necessary questions on keeping your child safe at school. With empathy and compassion, Lisa Musician brings together her personal experiences and professional knowledge to inspire parents to become confident about their ability to promote safe care for their food allergy child while creating a sense of normalcy.

Parenting a Positive Reaction covers:

  • Understanding the 4 Keys to Managing Food Allergies: Education, Recognizing and Treating Symptoms of Anaphylaxis, Communication and Preparing for the Unexpected.
  • The roles and responsibilities of parents, school and student.
  • Creating your child’s emergency treatment plan (Allergy Action Plan) and identifying the differences between a 504 and IHP Plan.
  • Practical suggestions on minimizing the risk of a possible life-threatening reaction while your child is in the classroom, cafeteria, and outside school activities.
  • Addressing concerns with bus transportation and working with the bus driver.
  • Checklist for a school meeting; leaving no question unanswered.
  • A thorough explanation of why food allergies effect everyone and the emotional impact it has including those who don’t have children with food allergies.

About the Author

Lisa Musician, RD LDN, is a registered and licensed dietitian with 17 years of experience working with a board certified allergist, specializing in food allergies. She is a member of several national and state organizations.  She holds numerous certifications of training as a Food Allergy Specialist and speaks professionally to organizations, schools and support groups about the management of food allergies and increasing optimal health. Not only does Lisa have experience managing her own food allergies, she is also the mother of two children (now young adults) with multiple food allergies and a history of anaphylaxis. From the time her children were diagnosed with multiple food allergies, she has drawn on her years of personal and professional experience to help others advocate for safety, health and a balanced life.